Yerba Mala

Judith Tellado

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Press reviews for “Yerba Mala”:

“Wonderful fourth album between jazz and pop” – Hamburger Abendblatt, 6.11.2019

“With astonishing variety, she shows what she can do and what she likes – bolero, jazz standards, Latin folk, salsa, RnB, American hymns” – Folker, July 2019 issue

“The only unbridled thing on this album is Judith Tellado’s wonderfully tangy timbre. And the Puerto Rican-born singer once again knows how to use this voice to captivating effect.” – Hamburger Morgenpost, 20.06.2019

“Her new album ups the ante thanks to an independent mix of styles that rarely reaches the ears in this way: hip-swinging Latin rhythms interwoven with sparkling percussion, fine jazz trumpet dabs as in the title track, plus floating flutes (‘Guayaba’) or funky soul songs (‘Valija Lista’) and jazzy sounds as in ‘Johnny Tramp’. The artist from Puerto Rico also masters pop (‘Letters From Paradise’) and great ballads (‘Schoen, Schoen’). – Audio, Issue 6/2019

“Not tapping along to Judith Tellado’s songs? Difficult. Whether jazz or Latin – the Puerto Rican-born singer’s warm voice is hard to resist.” – DONNA, June 2019 issue

“On ‘Yerba Mala’, she demonstrates with great style that she knows she no longer has to prove anything to anyone. Although Judith Tellado remains true to jazz in the 13 self-penned songs and the Caribbean influences continue to provide more than just small splashes of color, the musician now draws on a very broad range of styles. However, her unique voice and emotional depth ensure that everything sounds as if it has been cast from a single mold.” – SCHALL, May/June 2019 issue