Under Neon Stars

Judith Tellado

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Press reviews Under Neon Stars:

“Her voice stands out in the flood of new releases” – kulturSPIEGEL, 01/2015

“Latin American sounds meet jazz, soft pop mixes with the art of songwriting. The year may well continue with such ease.” – Stern, 01/2015

“Judith Tellado, a Puerto Rican living in Hamburg, has all kinds of talents, several of which she demonstrates here. She composes, writes lyrics, sings her own songs (with the exception of Monk’s “Round Midnight”) in English and Spanish, oscillates confidently between jazz and Latin, singer-songwriter style and pop: she draws, writes and ends the CD with a short story in which you meet characters from the song that are little stories themselves.” – stereo, 01/2015

“With this album, Judith Tellado has arrived in the European jazz singer-songwriter genre with a sovereign and beautiful sound.” – Jazz Podium, 12/2014

“The multi-talent from the St. Pauli Kiez… a mix of jazz and Latin – songs about prostitutes, partygoers and all the beautiful colorful lights” – Hamburger Morgenpost, 28.11.2014

“The voice of the Caribbean: a homage to the dazzling St. Pauli Kiez, its people and its neon signs, in which the Puerto Rican-born singer alternates between English and Spanish just as easily as between traditional jazz moments and open pop embrace, Caribbean and Latin American rhythms.” – Frankfurter Neue Presse, 28.11.2014

“Whether loud or whispering softly: the Hamburg resident by choice convinces with jazzy Latin songs and a great voice.” – For you, 24.11.2014

“Judith Tellado has now also dedicated ‘Under Neon Stars’ to the St. Pauli Kiez. She switches between English and Spanish just as easily as between jazz and pop, Caribbean and Latin American rhythms. But above all with a voice that leaves its mark: multi-faceted and haunting, with a flair for sweet catchy tunes, but at the same time not shying away from contact with Latin and funk.” – Hamburger Morgenpost, 20.11.2014

“A mix of jazz and Caribbean sounds, passionate and with touching stories. Absolutely worth listening to.” – Piste, 1.11.2014