Judith Tellado & Paulo Pereira

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Press reviews for “Galego”:

“Perfect collaboration” – JazzThing, February/March 2021 issue

“With the support of a band, the two musicians have now recorded a great, swinging work that wanders back and forth between jazz, samba and calypso” – Audio, issue 12/2021

“Paulo Pereira’s music, which bridges the gap between various jazz styles as well as samba and calypso sounds from Portugal to the vast American continent, is a masterpiece. This is also ensured by Judith Tellado’s lyrics, which contrast the musical versatility with the broad spectrum of her singing in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Her improvised scat syllable language is also impressive.” – Hossa, November 2020 issue

“Paulo Pereira’s flute jubilates alongside Judith Tellado’s voice in the best manner of the bossa nova of the sixties. In “Merlin” and “Nobreza Silenciosa”, the vocals radiate a spacy, mysterious vibe that is reminiscent of releases from the famous ECM label.” – Rhein-Main-Magazin, issue 12/2020

“The album is an interplay of different jazz styles, samba and calypso echoes and builds a bridge to the wide American continent. Tellado impresses with her wide vocal range in English, Portuguese and Spanish as well as her improvised scat syllable language. Paulo Pereira’s saxophone playing reveals his extensive musical experience and attention to detail. Jazz sounds with Latin influences from the Caribbean and Brazil are the result of the two artists (…) With ‘Galego’, both artists have arrived together. An arrival in a new era, a new sound that is unique in its combination.” – Klassik erleben, issue 9/2020

“Latin swing meets relaxed jazz atmosphere and fresh, funky pop appeal meets lyrically cleverly conveyed wisdom.” – Schall, issue 3/2020