“Tellado is a gifted optimist. She sings about the second chance in life, about love, about trust and gratitude, about the beautiful, about living the moment. All this comes evocatively wrapped with the sound of the Caribbean, which she carries in her heart in a melange of jazz, bolero and singer-songwriter echoes

– Lippstädter Zeitung, August 10th, 2022

Puerto Rican singer Judith Tellado manages the feat of blending a wide variety of sounds from latin, jazz and pop into her songwriting – and in different languages at that. A swinging jazz tune in Spanish appears alongside a Brazilian samba, followed by an intimate pop ballad sung in English. And weren’t there also a few German phrases to be heard? In all this, soft purring is not her thing. Her voice is fully committed like the whole person, with passionate intensity and a big heart. Her music tells of change, new beginnings, love, pain, nostalgia and the insatiable hunger for the new. No wonder, since she left her Caribbean island in 2008 to form a band with her husband and start a new life as a singer and artist in Hamburg. Her songs are full of stories of old and new homes, a distant family, new friends, great disappointments and even greater optimism.