5 Jahre später

My Own Invention

It was November 2011 and the other five musicians and me were heading to somewhere in Germany. We had to play that same night. After several days playing in different cities I finally began to feel like a real singer. During those long hours in the back seat of the van I drifted away in memories of my past life. I had changed so much since that January day of 2008 at the Hamburg airport when I arrived and stayed. Those memories inspired me to compose the song “Before the show”*. In this song, I describe my difficulties establishing myself as a singer in Germany and the separation of my family from Puerto Rico. The song lyrics can be found here. During the process of composition, I had a dream which led to the sketch for “My own invention”.

The dream: The boat was floating upstream through a tunnel. I could hear the water as the frogman in the boat was paddling through the dark. I wasn’t afraid although I could see several gigantic figures on the sides of the tunnel. We arrived at a gate at the left side of the tunnel and as it opened and I entered, I heard the music. There was a big room in which several people were celebrating. At the end of the room was an arch gate and through it I could see a bright garden but I wasn’t allowed to enter.

In “My own invention” I portrayed myself as a machine to produce music. This female machine reveals fearlessly her true face as a sign of sincerity. Through her flows the river of life in which her boat floats. One day, when the microphone comes down, so will her life as a singer and she will finally begin her journey to the afterlife.

*The song “Before The Show” will be published in my next album to be released in 2014.