2. El espejo 100x100

The pain in my chest wasn’t as intense as before. After two years in Hamburg I was surprised by the sound of my own laughter. But the feeling that something was missing was still there. It was a simple image: I enter a dark room and try to find the pieces to put them together. “El espejo” is the most representative painting of my immigrant journey. In a blue frame I encaged myself as an exotic woman with the flower in the hair. My body is the recipient of a tropical dream with blue horizons. In contrast with the bright interior, extends a city with indistinguishable buildings under a grey sky. By my side, floats the messenger and help me hold the thread of my life that puts all the pieces of my past together again. Glued to the surface of the mirror I place a piece of paper with two sentences: I begin to recuperate the pieces I have lost. This nostalgia never ends.

In ARTBLOG, Judith Tellado writes about the background and creative process behind her symbolistic paintings.